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Name : Gingelli Black [Place of Origin:China]
Note : We are Shanlu Stone Co., deal with granites many years. Including White Peony, Gingelli Black and Hainan Green. Both Peony White and Black Gingelli are old material that can supply in big quantity. Please visit http://www.hainan-stone.com for more information or email to stoneabab@yahoo.com.cn directly.
Company : Shanlu Stone Co.,Ltd.
Name : Kerbstone and Curbstone-Yellow [Place of Origin:china]
Note : Borrello Stone Co., Ltd. is the one of largest production of Natural Stone in China. Specifications: 1) Colors: grey, yellow, white, pink. 2) Widely used for curbstones in garden, commercial and residential, Building areas, plazas, seacoasts, railways and port station, construction. 3) Finishes: natural split, fine picked, axed, sawn, bush hammered, flamed and water-sandblasted. 4) Price Terms: FOB Qingdao, CIF. Tel: 0086-535-2181808, Fax: 0086-535-2269687, Contact: Zhou Xiaoping E-mail: borrellostone@yahoo.com Website: http://www.borrellostone.com.cn Address: No.162 Wenchang South Road, Laizhou city, Shandong province, China. Zip: 261400
Company : Borrello Stone Co., Ltd. China
Name : Leopard Green [Place of Origin:China]
Note : We are Shanlu Stone Co., Ltd. Recently we are developing a new green granite material called after Hainan Green. The quarry of Hainan Green is in our location. Their density is 3 tons per cube meter. Their color is dark green with skewbald. The material with the big skewbald like leopard skin is Hainan Green A (also called Leopard Green), and with small skewbald is Hainan Green B. It is can be polished with high shining. And also can be flamed fully. The Max size of Hainan Green is Max length 60cm and Max width 60cm. The usual sizes are 30x30xx1cm, 60x30x1cm ( or 2cm). Please contact with us by email to stoneabab@yahoo.com.cn for more information. Or visit http://www.hainan-stone.com.
Company : Shanlu Stone Co.,Ltd.
Name : nano crystallized glass panel [Place of Origin:Shantou,China]
Note : We are the biggest manufacturers of crystallized glass panel in China.Now we have produced the second generation product-nano crystallized glass panel.It is best to use for tops,steps,flooring and wall ect... It will instead of the first genration product. size:2400x1400x18mm,2800x1400x18mm,3200x1400x18mm
Name : yellow wood vein marble acid finish [Place of Origin:China]
Note : It is excellent materials to for wall and flooring decorations due to its unique natural wood vein. Size: 15*60cm,20*40cm,30*60cm Thickness:1.5cm Surface: acid Packing: wood crates We can also supply antique ,black,grey, golden,purple,green,yellow wood vein marble. www.china-stone-marble.com
Company : China Zenger Stone Co.,Ltd
Name : Granite tombstone [Place of Origin:China]
Note : We are engaged in production of a comprehensive range of Granite Tombstones, Monuments, Memorials and accessories. We supply quality tombstones, monuments &memorials in different size and style combinations including Western Styles (such as upright monuments, flat markers, bevel pillows, slants, benches, signs, vases, etc.) and also complicated Japanese-style tombstones & monuments as well. We have the capability to create custom memorial products to fill any design need. Skype:zenger1230 MSN:stoneexporter@hotmail.com Gmail:zengerstone@gmail.com http://www.china-stone-marble.com
Company : China Zenger Stone Co.,Ltd
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