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Name : Diamond Router Bits [Place of Origin:China]
Note : Router Bits are offered with various types of connector systems and manufactured according to the type of material to be processed and the machinery on which they will be mounted. Used for fast shaping, removing heavy material. Smooth rough surface or prepare the surface for lamination. It is a good balance of performance and life.
Company : Double Kings Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd.
Name : sculpture,carving [Place of Origin:all over the world]
Note : top quality ADD: 1102-B#,Juxiang Square,Hexiang Xi Rd,Xiamen,China Mobile:13666084783 TEL: 86-592-2288952 Fax: 86-592-2299585 E-mail:echo847025@hotmail.com Website:http://www.lianfaxing.com
Name : sculpture [Place of Origin:All over the world]
Note : Website: http://www.stone-sources.com Fujian Jianming stone products Co., Ltd. with several factories, is a leading manufacture in the line of all kinds of stone for more than 15 years. If you want to get high quality and competitive price stone, we think we will meet your kind requirments. Take this opportunity, we are glad to list our products to you. • Countertops & vanity tops • Fireplaces and firepots • Tables and flooring inlays • Landscape C fountains, benches, lighting, vases, planters • Japanese and Western style monuments • Carvings and sculptures • Paving stones • Tile & moldings cut-to-size We are honest to invite you to visit our website http://www.stone-sources.com and feel free to contact us. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions and any inquiries. Thank you very much and best regards to you Yours sincerely, Henry FUJIAN JIANMING STONE CO.,LTD. ADD: Unit 2101, Zhenhua Building B, No.61 Dongdu Road, Huli District, Xiamen, China. Postal Code:361012 Tel: 0086 13950147965 Mobile: 0086 13950147965 Fax: 0086-592-5610698 Hotmail: zzzbeststone@hotmail.com Skype: beststone3
Name : Sculpture [Place of Origin:Xiamen]
Note :
Company : Xiamen Yuanlong Imp. & Exp.Trading Co.,Ltd.
Name : blue stone tower [Place of Origin:Jiaxiang Shandong of China]
Note : This series of products just for reference, they will be processed in accordance with the specific requirements of your production. It is splendid to modify the garden and the square, as it appeared with various models. It can be wings and flags. They flies in the air makes the whole space gutty and fancy with endless imagination
Company : China Jiaxiang Dexin Blue Limestone Co., Ltd.
Name : Mud tower(big)_ [Place of Origin:Xiamen city ,Fujian province]
Note : Everybody who is interested in entering into business relations with us , please make contact with us .
Company : Wei Stone (Xiamen) Import & Export Co.,Ltd
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