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Name : nano crystallized glass panel [Place of Origin:Shantou,China]
Note : We are the biggest manufacturers of crystallized glass panel in China.Now we have produced the second generation product-nano crystallized glass panel.It is best to use for tops,steps,flooring and wall ect... It will instead of the first genration product. size:2400x1400x18mm,2800x1400x18mm,3200x1400x18mm
Name : stone solar lamp [Place of Origin:china]
Note : 1.quality assured with low price 2.various styles with novel design 3.we can also make it as per customer¨s specific request 4. Materials: granite, marble
Company : Brother Stone Co. Ltd.
Name : stone sink [Place of Origin:china]
Note : 1.Quality assured with novel design and variou styles2. Size:as per customer¨s specific requests 3. Materials: granite, marble
Company : Brother Stone Co. Ltd.
Name : Hole-Free Micro Crystal Stone [Place of Origin:china,guangdong,foshan]
Note : It's a new-style high-grade environment friendly stone with a number of physical & chemical indexes superior to ordinary micro crystal stones and natural stones. It's characterized by pure color, no fading, no radiation, contamination resistance, high hardness, acid/alkali resistance and wearability etc., and especially featured by air-hole free, no mixed spots, high gloss, water absorption free and being liable to be ground for face-lifting. Thus is free from all defects occurring to ordinary micro crystal stones and natural stones. It's applicable for the exterior/interior walls, floors, columns, washbowls and table boards of high-grade decorated spaces.MSN ONLINE:yingtianchina@hotmail.com
Company : FoShan yingtian Ceramic Co.,Ltd
Name : Diamond Grinding Discs [Place of Origin:China]
Note : Diameter: 4", 6", 8", 10" Classification: Metal Bonded & Resin Bonded Applications: Diamond metal-bonded grinding discs are specially used for rough grinding for smooth surfaces. Feature: High Segments, Fast Grinding, Long Life.
Company : Double Kings Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd.
Name : manmade stone [Place of Origin:china]
Note : Features: 1) Materials: natural stone 2) Different sizes available according to the customer's request 3) Facefinished:polished,flamed,spilt, nice picked, etc. 4) Used for: paving gardens,commercial and residential building areas,plazas, railways, ports and other such buildings 5) Packing: Wooden crate and foam. Email:info@xiamen-stone.com Msn:samlyp@hotmail.com Gmail:abigale.lee@gmail.com
Company : xiamen xinyan stone
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